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Diary of the Gozo Philatelic Society

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13th January GPS represented at Gozo NGOs Association AGM.
15th January GPS Annual General Meeting (including prize giving).
29th January Presentation of special scroll to new Bishop Mario Grech.
29th - 30th March Practical sessions for Seminary School students.
19th April Pasta Night.
3rd July Stamp-collecting sessions begun at Don Bosco Oratory Summer Club.
30th July Members' Meeting (first regular slot on the last Sunday of the month).
October Special Exhibition at Gozo Archives hall.
9th October Visit by Malta Study Circle.
28th October Participation in Franciscan Centenary Mgarr Exhibition.
3rd November Participation in Franciscan Centenary Mgarr Exhibition.
5th November Bid-Buy session during Exhibition.
11th November Ta' Pinu Mass in memory of philatelist Anthony Fenech (GPS consultant).
12th November Poetry Competition prize giving (organized with Ghaqda Poeti) during last day of Exhibition.
22nd November GPS represented at "Leader" LAG information meeting.
25th November Specialized exhibition during Xewkija Day by Xewkija council.

14th January 7th AGM (including prize giving).
2nd March Ta' Pinu Mass for the repose of GPS President's son.
13th April Stamp display during public lecture about Emvin Cremona at Gozo Ministry Hall.
17th -20th April Participation in Gozo NGOs Association stand at Naxxar Fiera tal-Volontarjat.
20th May Participation in Spring Fair at Cremona Lyceum Complex.
9th November GPS website launched.
9th -19th October 8th GPS Philatelic Exhibition.
26th November Beginning of regular stamp-collecting sessions at Ninu Cremona Lyceum Complex.

13th January 8th Annual General Meeting.
27th January Members' Meeting.
24th February Members' Meeting.
22nd March Overseas member John Vassallo brings part of his award-winning "Australia-Malta" collection.
30th March Members' Meeting.
27th April Members' Meeting.
4th May GPS Philatelic Exhibition at Cremona Scondary Spring Fair.
25th May Members' Meeting.
29th June Members' Meeting.
July - August Weekly philatelic sessions at Don Bosco Summer Club by Anthony Grech.
26th October Members' Meeting.
29th October GPS Secretary Ant. Vassallo chosen as administrator of the Voluntary Sector Fund.
31st October Exhibition judging.
30th November Members' meeting.
28st December Members' meeting.

11th January 9th Annual General Meeting.
6th December Members' Meeting (with Exhibition prize giving).
25th January Members' Meeting.
23rd May GPS participates in "Lejlet Lapsi" (special covers).
3rd July Visit by delegation from Maltapost.
5th August A second visit by Maltapost delegation.
10th November GPS secretary meets School Heads.
24th - 26th November Visits to Seminary Secondary School.
6th December Members' Meeting.
14th December The Times prints letter from Jos. Fenech - Balzan member.

10th January 10th Annual General Meeting.
16th February AGM and Exhibition Prizegiving featured in The Maltese Herald.
7th March Members' Meeting.
10th March GPS Secretary Ant. Vassallo confirmed Gozo NGOs Association President.
4th April Members' Meeting.
2nd May Members' Meeting.
August - September Il-Hajja f'Ghawdex features article by President Anton Said.
5th September Members' Meeting.
4th October GPS founder - member George Vella lectures about Malta's Christmas stamps.
26th October Visit by Maltapost Philately officials.
13th November First day of Exhibition; Judging takes place.
13th November MaltaPost issues handstamps for 11th GPS Exhibition.

9th January 11th Annual General Meeting.
20th January First meeting of Newsletter Editorial Board.
12th February Decision to turn the Newsletter into a full-colour publication.
15th February The Maltese Herald (Australia) features Exhib. Prize giving.
6th March Members' Meeting.
7th March GPS represented at MaltaPost meeting for Maltese philatelic societies.
March First full-colour Newsletter.
12th April GPS project accepted in Eco-Gozo scheme.
18th - 24th April Participation in John Paul II Exhibition in Seminary Hall.
1st May Members' Meeting.
7th - 8th May Participation in Nadur "Mayfair".
June Exhibition set up at Folklore Museum during Lejlet Lapsi.
2nd June First meeting of EcoGozo sub-committee.
21st June President and Secretary signing ceremony re Eco-Gozo NGO scheme.
28th June The GPS is enrolled as a Voluntary Organization.
13th July Philately Group opens at Skola Sajf Don Bosco Club.
13th August GPS partnered the Ghajnsielem parish bells' handstamp Cover.
4th Septmber Members' Meeting.
2nd October Members' Meeting.
21st - 23rd October Anthony Grech participates at Maltex.
26th October Committee meeting finalizes preparations for Exhibition and Eco-Gozo book launch.
6th November Members' Meeting at Victoria Scouts HQ.
7th November Exhibition setting-up begins.
11th November Exhibition judging.
11th November Official Opening of 12th Exhibition.
11th November Launch of "Isle of Joy ob Stamps" Eco-Gozo co-funded and published by GPS.
14th November Government Department of Information Press Release about Isle of Joy.
20th November Stanley Gibbons e-newsletter features Isle of Joy.
30th November Committee confirms Exhibition prizewinners and prepares for GIVE participation.
4th December Members' Meeting at Victoria Scouts HQ.
6th - 7th December Participation in 2nd GIVE.
December Philatelic Items were included in the Annual Crib Exhibition.
20th December Minister Giovanna Debono distributes cheques in Eco-Gozo NGOs scheme (in the case of GPS for the "Isle of Joy" book).
28th December Final Meeting of the outgoing Committee finalizes preparation for the AGM.
28th December Letter of Congratulations sent to Chev. Dr. Alfred Bonnici (GPS member and MPS presidend) on his becoming an Officer in the National Order of Merit.

3rd January Anton Said and Anthony Grech visit Bishop Mario Grech to give him a copy of "Isle of Joy" in which he is among the personalities featured.
4th January Anthony Grech prepares cover for Ninu Cremona handstamp.
15th January AGM and Exhibition Prize Giving.
21nd January 1st Meeting of the commitee returned from AGM chooses officers and sub-committees.
5th February Members' Meeting at Victoria Scouts HQ.
18st February Anthony Grech prepares cover for Cardinal Prostero Grech Handstamp.
29th February Commitee discuss future activities.
4th March Members' Meeting at Victoria Scouts HQ.
21st March Committee discusses Newsletter and Website developments and finalizes VO report.
23rd March Anthony Grech prepares 2 Covers for Landscape set.
1st April Members' Meeting at Victoria Scouts HQ.
3rd April Anthony Grech prepares Cover for Comino (Occasions) stamp.
8th April Members' Meeting at Victoria Scouts HQ.
1st May Mass at Ta' Pinu Sanctuary in suffrage of late wife of Sliema Stamp Shop owner, Malta Catalogue publisher and GPS supporter Joe Buttigieg.
6th May Members' Meeting at Victoria Scouts HQ ‾ resuming after summer.
17th May Committee decides on "Majesty" for this year's Exhibition Open 'traditional Philately theme.
18th July Committee discuses Newsletter and Exhibition.
10th August Editorial Board prepares special Newsletter to contain a complete Catalogue of GPS productions.
22nd August Anthony Grech prepares cover for opening of Ghasri sub-postoffice.
September "A vision for an Eco&-Island" includes reference to our "Isle of Joy".
2nd September Members' Meeting resumes at Victoria Scouts HQ.
26th September Anthony Grech prepares covers for the Gates set (Chambray and Lunzjata).
4th October Committee chooses designs for that year's Exhibition personalized stamps and cards.
7th October Members' Meeting at Victoria Scouts HQ.
8th October Preliminary agreement regarding MaltaPost support.
October Complete Catalogue (updated up to August) appears as issue for 49.
31st October Anthony Grech prepares cover for De Soldanis cover.
4th November Members' Meeting at Victoria Scouts HQ.
5th November Exhibition setting-up beging.
9th November Exhibition Judging begins.
10th November MaltaPost uses GPS Exhibition commemorative handstamp, designed by Anthony Grech.
10th November Anthony Grech prepares four different Covers for that year's edition of 5 personalized stamps (designed by Anthony Grech) on the occasion of the 13th annual GPS Exhibition at the usual St. Francis Square Hall location and also prepares special "10-11-12-13" Cover.
16th November Exhibition concluded.
23rd November Committee confirms Exhibition prizes and decides AGM date.
29th November Editorial Board meets to finalize 50th issue of Newsletter.
2nd December Members' Meeting at Victoria Scouts HQ.



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